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Children On Walks Pick Up Rocks; Nature Rhymes


Children On Walks Pick Up Rocks


Laird Fetzer HamblinLittle Flower, Holding Life In Every Seed

Little Flower, Holding Life In Every Seed


Little bird, flying in the sky.

Flying onward, do you ponder as the day goes by?

Do you think of all the places, where you’ve been?

Are there places, you hope to see, like you saw then?

I would too!

May I fly with you?

Weathered tree, you have given me both shade and air.

Just by being there, you’ve shown me how to share.

Ancient tree, standing on the hill.

Silently, you have seen so much, by standing still,

I have too!

May I stand by you?

Precious flower, blooming in the spring.

Little petals, can bring hope to everything.

Each year returning, holding life within a seed.

You feed me, and everyone who is in need.

Because you give, others too can live!


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinStories Found In A Tree

Stories Found In A Tree


Looking up, from under a tree,

there are many things I see.

I see a bird, has built a nest.

I see a moth, has stopped to rest.

I see the marks, of time, and age.

Each branch tells a story, like a book, upon

each page.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinNature's Workers In The Garden

Nature's Workers In The Garden


Honey bees, and spiders, are upon my garden plants.

Tilling up the soil, beneath, are worms, and little ants.

Your helping, in the garden, thru-out the night and day.

Welcome, to my garden. I hope, that you will stay.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


Laird Fetzer HamblinChildren On Walks Pick Up Rocks

Children On Walks Pick UP Rocks


Little children out on walks,

like to pick up little rocks.

All the rocks their hands can hold,

are worth so much more than gold.

Then they ask where rocks come from,

which they find strewn upon the ground.

Has a child held them before, who left them

here where they were found?

Are these old bones,

that have turned into stones?

Is this the tooth of a whale?

Are these a dinosaur tail?

Were they brought here in a stream,

from a mountain far away,

left upon an ancient shore,

where we found them here today?


Laird Fetzer Hamblin